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Try Our Premier Online Coaching Course


Some people can’t stand the idea of meeting for personal growth work online. Some people couldn’t live with out it. But I’ve found, through my years of specialization in online counseling and coaching, that most people actually fall into the third group: Cautiously open. These are the people who are ambivalent about online coaching. They often have not had much experience with using online video technology. They have anxiety about figuring out Skype or FaceTime, just because they never use it. They imagine that they’ll be “talking to a computer” and that their expereince with coaching will not be meaningful as a result.

These are often people that I start working with in person at my Denver office. And then, at some point, they need to go out of town or I have to be out of the office, and the only way to meet is online. I walk them through the whole process of what online video conferencing platform is best for them (you can check out my “quick start” guide and my recommendations about platforms here). They are often startled to learn how easy it is.

I remember sitting across the office from a client and calling her from FaceTime from my phone just to demonstrate how it worked, and watching her jaw drop when she realized that meeting by online video is really as easy as just answering the phone. Or the first time that I met with a formerly in-person client online and had the most amazing session: She was cuddled up in a blanket with her tea, and petting her cat in the emotional safety of her own living room, and was finally able to talk about some things that had felt too tender to bring up in the office.

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