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Fragrance of Self-Discovery (Online Course)

Perhaps you don’t want to sit around and wait until
things miraculously work themselves out. If you are curious about understanding
 how to use essential oils effectively for your spiritual, physical, sexual, and emotional well-being, our on line courses are for you.

Perhaps you are here because you’ve read about benefits of an aromatherapy in your favorite wellness online magazine and got all excited about it, or your yoga teacher used it in class, or your friend told you about these magical scents that helped her/him attain a state of total relaxation. And now you are curious, you want to understand how to practice it effectively and get a slice of that magic for your physical and emotional well being.

Wonderful health and wellness warrior, you came to the right place.

Perhaps you don’t want to sit around and wait until things miraculously work themselves out, you start feeling more relaxed, stress free, liberated from unhealthy emotional patterns getting on your life’s way, and manufacturers genuinely infuse pure therapeutic grade essential oils with so many incredible benefits for your mind, body, and soul into their beauty and skin care products.

Are you ready to learn the magic of Aromatherapy and powerful Personal Growth tools, and to make your physical and emotional health a priority?

Let me begin by emphasizing how this online course is very different from any other aromatherapy courses offered online or elsewhere. This course was developed with the focus on your uniqueness, personal journey, self-love, and self-care. Besides traditional aromatherapy knowledge of therapeutic qualities of essential oils, blending factors and safety guidelines covered by traditional aromatherapy programs, it offers opportunities to create your own personalized products that are tailored specifically to who you are as a human being, which includes your physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being:

 Learn tools necessary to create a healthier living environment and lifestyle for yourself and your
loved ones.
 Practice aromatherapy as a holistic healing art that your clients and/or patients will love
(either as a single modality or as an added benefit to your existing practice).
 Learn effective emotional release techniques to achieve greater satisfaction and happiness in life
through research proven methods of cognitive and behavioral psychology, personal development,
aromatherapy, and positive affirmations, tailored to create life lasting shifts in thoughts and
 Save plenty of your hard earned money by mastering the skill of creating products with only a
small amount of essential oil, aligned with your scent preferences and health goals.
 Integrate chakra toning and Sun sign astrology as driving forces of your spiritual expansion.
 Enjoy valuable BONUS aromatherapy and personal development content related Ayurvedic
wisdom, powerful NLP techniques, and sacred ancient rituals that you can do at home.
 AND I have included my Aromas of Love and Intimacy course as an additional content to show you how to connect to your partner on a deeper level, practice self-love, use aromatherapy in a sensual play, and attract love into your life.

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