ProductJade Temple: Healing & Pleasure with Yoni Egg

Jade Temple: Healing & Pleasure with Yoni Egg is designed to open you up to your own feminine essence while cultivating a positive relationship with your body and your intimate partner. With numerous benefits for emotional, physical, hormonal, and spiritual well-being, this mini-course will take you on a blissful inner journey of self-love and pleasure.

Jade yoni egg practice is one of the most beautiful, healing, and powerful feminine embodiment exercises with multiple benefits for woman’s physical, emotional, sexual, and energetic well-being. The practice originated from ancient Chinese teachings of Taoism that were only available to the Chinese royalty because of the powerful effects on one’s sexuality and spirituality.

In our society, jade egg practices are becoming more and more acceptable among women of all ages and have gained a lot of popularity ever since Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow began promoting it publicly on her website. Many OBGYN doctors around the globe now recommend yoni egg practice to their women patients.

Here are some potential benefits

  • strengthen and tone the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles
  • helps cultivate sexual energy
  • amplifies libido and orgasms
  • balances hormones and menstrual cycle
  • stimulates key reflexology around vaginal walls to improve internal organs health
  • increases control of the whole perineum and bladder
  • develops and clears chi pathways in the body
  • clears energetic fields from past lovers and traumas
  • alleviates menopause and post-pregnancy transitions.

In this unique healing & pleasure experience

  • exercises for cultivating reproductive organs vitality
  • nourishing breast and self-massage
  • Taoist yoni egg practices, protocols, relaxation and breathing exercises
  • meditations for activating the Devine feminine
  • energetic and emotional clearing exercises
  • BONUS materials: Journey to Self-Love (downloadable resources) and Moving for Pleasure (video)

Join me, beloved woman, on this sacred feminine journey of self-love, pleasure, and healing. It is through owning and healing our sexuality that we birth a new paradigm in ourselves, our intimate relationships, and the world.

Through sexuality, we awaken our power, our love, and our freedom…


Jade Temple: Healing & Pleasure with Yoni Egg