ProductAromas of Love and Intimacy

Have better loving relationships with this 5-part series introducing powerful sensory techniques and aromatherapy application methods. Understand your feelings and emotions in relevance to romantic connections and sexuality, all integrated with human senses and invigorating essential oils of aphrodisiac properties!

Bonus downloads (PDF): Beauty Secrets of Queen Cleopatra, Sensual Activation Scents with Essential Oils, Aromas of Love and Intimacy


Sexual Desire & Physical Body

This lesson covers the importance of our physical body functions an sexual health. Topics include: benefits of sex, causes of low sex drive, solutions for increasing libido and putting the desire back into your sex life naturally, herbal supplements that boost libido and improve circulation and sensation in genitalia.

Feelings, Emotions, & Essential Oils

This lesson explores human feelings and emotions in relevance to romantic connections and sexuality. It expands an understanding of positive vs. negative emotions, emotional release, and creating shifts in our emotional body with essential oils. Topics covered: olfactory and limbic system, how essential oils affect feelings, electromagnetic frequencies, disease vs. dis-ease, and reality of a broken heart.

Human senses, Sensuality, & Aromatic Fragrances

This lesson explores a powerful relationship between human senses and sensuality, exploring some basic tantric principals of sexual energy, masculine and feminine polarities, and negative conditioning of shame around sexuality. Topics covered: power of the sense of smell and it’s connection to sensuality, sexual energy, aromatic fragrances of love.

Essences of Love & Intimacy

This lesson focuses on uses, application methods, and aphrodisiac properties of four most popular essential oils for love and Intimacy: Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage, and Geranium.

Sensual Play

This lesson introduces powerful sensory techniques for setting up sensual space while integrating your senses and the five elements for emotional balance and ultimate pleasure. Topics: intimate connection, clearing the space, and sensory intimacy ritual for self-pleasure or with a partner.

Meet the Presenter:

Irina Gubenko is a Holistic Aromatherapist, Love and Relationships Coach, Tantra Teacher, Speaker, Wellness Consultant, and Founder of Fragrant Wellness


Aromas of Love and Intimacy