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Client and Student Testimonials

Client and Student Testimonials

“The women’s circle was such a wonderful experience. Irina has such high energy that by the end of the circle I felt recharged, renewed, and energized in my soul. Thank you for everything you do for women to show them who they really are and what they can do with their POWER that they carry within”. Enki, Esthetician, NYC

“Irina showed me and my husband how to re-connect with each other on a deeper level and inspired us to have the courage to open up to each other about our heartfelt desires, fantasies, and needs in a relationship. I feel like our marriage has been revived with a great degree of understanding and acceptance”.  Maria, Attorney, Connecticut

“Irina is such a warm and compassionate coach and excellent at what she does.  She really helped me recognize where I had been self-sabotaging my romantic relationships. It was not easy to face my own shadows, being a man, but Irina held my hand through it and gave me tools to deal with emotions that surfaced during our consultations. Every session introduced me to new perspectives and simple steps that I could take to achieve harmony within myself and with my partner”. Rodney, Financial Consultant, Canada

“I felt like I left my pain there (women circles). As if a weight has been lifted.” Paula, Life Coach, Germany

“It is so refreshing to know that there is a better way of looking and approaching life! What a relief and I want to thank Irina for showing me the way!”  Peter, Architect, New Jersey

“I love my coaching sessions with Irina. She takes me on a journey of self-discovery and guides me to uncovering gems that I hold within my soul as a woman, so I can step into my full power, free from limiting beliefs, expectations, and suffering”. Alana, Massage Therapist, NYC

“The knowledge and love you receive is exceptional. You cannot wait for the next meeting. Also, Irina’s guidance with unique essential oils helped me through a very challenging health period”. Ellza Belleza, Esthetician, NYC

“What a beautiful transforming circle. It feels so good to be surrounded by women who want to evolve and get in touch with their femininity, very inspiring! Thank you so much Irina for helping me awaken the goddess in me! For the first time in my life I could experience a complete surrender and trance as I moved my body”.  Ana, Housewife, Greece



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