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Meet Irina

My name is Irina Gubenko and I am committed to LOVE. I dedicate my life to empowering people to step into their full potential, to let go of limiting beliefs, to open their heart to self-love in order to experience joy, fulfillment, and harmony in their relationships with self and others.

I am a Transformational Love, Relationships & Conscious Sexuality Coach, Women Empowerment Speaker, Holistic Aromatherapist, Founder of Fragrant Wellness and La Femme Rose Conscious Women Network

 You might think that I am all about some other-worldly realms which have nothing to do with real life but actually, it is quite the opposite. I am grounded in the human existence and everything that we are destined to experience in life. I invite people to expand their view of self and others by releasing what no longer serves them, to become aware and face the fears, traumas, past hurts that prevent them from moving forward in life or achieving their dreams, to embrace life for all there is without judging it as positive or negative, accept and love themselves as they are, understand that they are enough and already perfect, to take charge of their physical and emotional well-being, to own it. I empower my clients and students to question beliefs that were deeply engraved in the past or by societal norms, toxic patterns that block them from surrendering to the beauty of life and possibility of what can be. These are beliefs about the nature of our emotions, relationships, gender, sexuality and life in general.

My students and clients are men, women, and couples of all sexual orientations and relationship dynamics. I believe that we are all energetic beings with a unique ability to express ourselves on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. We interact with the world through our senses and our life experiences, sometimes unaware of the subconscious belief systems that influence our relationships, behaviors, attitudes, and goals we set to achieve. Is it really possible to use one modality to peel all the layers that we accumulated throughout life, traumas, familial and cultural conditioning, and painful memories that have been stored in our subconscious since childhood? I do not believe so.

In my work, I use essential oils that powerfully appeal to our emotions combined with techniques of behavioral & cognitive psychology, personal development, tantric teachings, self-inquiry, self-care rituals, and body movement. I believe that we are beautiful multi-dimensional beings and should be approached as such.

Why do I what I do? Here is a glimpse into my personal journey…

My whole life changed in an instant when I discovered that God and universe are in my heart. My personal inner growth took it even deeper and taught me that everything is infused with Divinity. Everything. I have dedicated my life to serving Love. I believe that Love is the true nature of all beings and all things and all of us want the freedom to love and to be loved. I am committed to bringing LOVE to this planet and I believe that it all starts with self-love.

I have traveled the world, learning, and sharing the ancient wisdom of aromatherapy, self-discovery, and personal growth with others. I developed an online course Fragrance of Self Discovery and Aromas of Love & Intimacy audio series, presented self-care techniques to doctors, wellness practitioners, corporate America, public education teachers and social emotional counselors that work with disadvantaged families, facilitated empowering women circles and feminine immersion retreats, GROOVE movement classes, and conducted workshops at wellness retreats across the United States.

Curious how I went from a frustrated teacher to a liberated woman?

When you look at me, you may think that I have always been highly self-confidant and free in my soul. This is in fact very far from truth.

 Rewind 20 years back. I was doing what I thought I should: living in New York City (which I love by the way), worked as a Public School teacher and then as an Instructional Teachers’ Coach. Although I always loved being around children for their uncensored love and purity, I hated the bureaucratic restricted system that I was working for. Deep in my heart, I knew I was destined for more…

I got married very young and divorced when my daughter was 3 years old.  I put myself back on the “market” and was dating guys (mostly emotionally unavailable), each time hoping that the new one was “the one” and he would rescue me from my misery. I was frustrated with myself, constantly making an effort to earn love and affection, trying to hide my insecurities with makeup, expensive high heals, and fancy clothes. I could not find love and kept suffering from a “broken heart”.

 And then my entire life fell apart in one year. I lost my beloved grandma, the only souls in a world who unconditionally loved me and accepted me for who I was, my dog passed away two months after, my dad was diagnosed with cancer, I injured my myself badly, and was forced to leave my job due to extremely toxic work environment. Why was all of this happening at once, I kept asking the universe. Well, I had to hit this rock bottom so that I could actually wake up and realize tat I needed to change something at the very core.


And in this moment everything changed. I took charge of my life and tuned into my heart’s calling. I ended up in a NAHA certification program (National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists), completed trainings with renowned personal growth experts, became a spiritual student at the Brahma Kumaris meditation center, trained with The World GROOVE Movement to become a certified GROOVE (mind, body, soul dance) instructor, and eventually, signed up for tantric training courses, which absolutely blew my mind. At this point, I started my own La Femme Rose conscious women network, facilitating women circles, taking on speaking engagements on self-care and aromatherapy, and teaching classes on conscious love and sexuality.

I have done a ton of emotional healing on myself (even though I never thought I needed any) through aromatherapy and personal growth tools. I opened up to forgiveness, having more fulfilling relationships with friends and men in my life, which I never thought was possible. I am convinced that my personal journey led me to step fully into my power as a woman and unlocked my full potential that I needed to start living fully, manifesting the life of my dreams.

Fast forward 10 years. I am radiantly alive and grateful. With every step I manifest the life I desire with ease because I live in full integrity with what I know to be true. I embrace my life for all there is, without judging it as good or bad, without trying to arrange all my thoughts and emotions into tidy little “boxes” of my ego, and without expecting anything from others.

In 2010, I pledged my life to serving Truth and since then, my path is clear. I have no doubts or hesitation about my purpose in life and because of that I know one thing for sure:

 You can have the life you desire and step into your full human power by accepting and loving yourself first. Self-inquiry and shift in life perspectives are the gateway to your highest potentialyou can be loved and honored for who you are, you can be filled with joy and ecstasy and your radiance because it is exactly the medicine that the world needs right now. And I would love to show you HOW….


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